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ABT 240-300 SpeedyBatch is perfectly configured in accordance with container dimensions and built for rapid deployment.

ABT 240-300 SpeedyBatch offers touches that make the moving process easier. Cable channels are integrated into catwalks that provide protection during transport. Elevators and the associated costs are not necessary because reclaimed and external filler silos are part of the support structure.

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  • Output of 240 t/h to 300 t/h
  • Extremely rapid installation and implementation
  • Reduced site development costs because the plant does not require concrete foundations
  • Lower installation costs because highly functional individual modules are linked via intelligent interfaces
  • Provides every full-scale stationary mixing plant advantage in terms of output, performance and space requirements
  • Includes Ammann’s full range of recycling solutions
  • Filler transport accomplished with tube screws; no elevator necessary
Capacity 240 – 300 t/h
Mixer size 3.3 – 4 t
Hot aggregate silo 18 t – 33 t
Hot mix storage silo direct loading
30 t in 1 compartement
112 t in 2 compartments lateral
Control system as1
Recycling System RAC / RAH 50

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