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The HeatTEK system helps warm bitumen in remote areas where electricity sources are unreliable or nonexistent.

The system features a double-line, double-pipe heating coil and can utilise all fuel types. The continuous temperature control system enables efficient fuel consumption at those challenging locations where every drop counts.

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  • Capacity ranges from 200 000 kcal/h to 2 000 000 kcal/h
  • Dual high-pressure switches increase safety
  • Inner elements provide heat resistance over 1000º C
  • 230º C maximum operating temperature
  • Includes expansion tank and circulation pumps
  • 60 mm rock wool insulated body with aluminum cover
Inner elements with heat resistance over 1000 °C
Flange connections suitable for any system
Continuous temperature control system for efficient fuel consumption
Seamless steel DIN 2448 heating coil
60 mm rock wool insulated body with aluminum cover
230 °C maximum operating temperature