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Machine Height
3070 mm
Machine width
2258 mm
Machine Length
5780 mm
Drum Diameter
1500 mm
Drum Width
2130 mm
Drum Shell Thickness
25 mm
2878 mm
Ground Clearance
440 mm
Machine Height (removed CAB / ROPS)
2400 mm
Machine Width (Blade)
2441 mm
Machine Length (Blade)
6557 mm


Cummins QSB4.5-C160
Power according to ISO 3046-1 /ISO 14396
119 kW
Max. torque
624/1500 Nm/rpm
Engine complies with emission regulations
EU Stage IIIA, U.S. EPA Tier 3

Compaction Forces

Frequency I
32 Hz
Frequency I CE
Frequency II
35 Hz
Frequency II CE
Frequency ACE min./max.
23 Hz /35 Hz
Amplitude I
0,9 mm
Amplitude II
1,85 mm
Amplitude ACE min./max.
0 mm /2,5 mm
Centrifugal force I
160 kN
Centrifugal force II
277 kN
Centrif. force ACE min./max.
0 kN / 280 kN


Brakes Operating
Brakes Parking
Multiple-disc spring brake
Brakes Emergency
Multiple-disc spring brake
Fuel tank capacity
410 l
24 V

Weight and Operating

Operating weight
11 490 kg
Max. weight
15 370 kg
Static linear load
34,5 kg/cm
Max. transport speed
12,8 km/h
Max. working speed
5,6 km/h
Climbing ability
Turning radius inner (edge)
3050 mm

Lift Thickness

* 0,8 m
Sand / gravel
* 0,6 m
Mixed soils
* 0,5 m
0,4 m
0,25 m

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