Ammann India unveils new, improved facility

Ammann India Private Ltd.’s expanded, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was unveiled during Techno Days 2018 on April 14-15.

Customers, media, governmental dignitaries and key Ammann and Apollo officials attended the event. It included a tour of the new facility and a close-up look at the latest Ammann and Apollo products that are being manufactured at the improved location.

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ARS 121 – Soil Compactor
ARS 122 – Soil Compactor
AP 240 – Pneumatic Tryred Roller
ARW 65 – Walk Behind Roller
APR 220 – Reversible Plate Compactor
APR 3020 – Reversible Plate Compactor
APR 3520 – Reversible Plate Compactor
ATR 60 C – Rammer
ATR 68 C – Rammer
APF 15/40 – Forward Plate Compactor
AFT 500 – Asphalt Paver
AFT 600-3 – Asphalt Paver

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