APA 55/64

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With its larger working width of 640 mm, the APA 55/64 is the perfect fit for urban jobsites and for applications in more sensitive surroundings.

The compactor is 370 kg, light given its width. It is suited for medium-sized excavators with more than 5 tonnes of operating weight.

The compactor can be mounted in a few minutes and does not require hydraulic quick coupling devices. Only two hydraulic hoses are needed.

The plate is equipped with a twin-shaft directional exciter featuring a relatively high frequency and low amplitude, which helps protect both the excavator and surrounding buildings.

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  • Patented vibration limitation system protects the excavator frame and operator
  • 2-shaft directional exciter
  • Self-blocking mechanical rotating device
  • Rubber bushings prevent metal-on-metal contact under extremely high pressures
  • Runs on hydraulics, reducing emissions and fuel consumption
  • Maintenance-free exciter unit


APA 55/64
 Weights & Dimensions Metric
Operation weight CECE * 370 kg
A = Machine length 1142 mm
B = Machine width 640 mm
C = Machine height * 580 mm
Technical specification
Frequency 60 Hz
Centrifugal force 55 kN
Required oil quantity 70-110 l/min
Required operating pressure max 150 bar
Maximum back pressure 30 bar
Recommended size of the carrier < 12 t
* with mechanical positioner