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An all-around performer

The APR 25/50 offer you multiple options with available working widths of 50 cm. This all-around machines perform in varied applications and on varied surfaces, plus they offers an optional water sprinkler system for work on asphalt. The APR 25/50 have the ability to move back and forth and provide “on-the-spot” vibration for particularly stubborn materials. Permanently mounted transport wheels are another productivity-boosting option offered.

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Hydrostatic steering

The hydrostatic forward and reverse steering of APR plates enables quick directional changes and the ability to compact in tight and hard-to-reach spaces.

Industry-leading low HAV levels

An innovative handle concept lowers the hand-arm vibration (HAV) values on Ammann APR plates to a level of less than 2.5 m/sec², making work more comfortable and safer. The vibration levels are so low that safety codes do not require documentation of operator hours.

+ better machine control
+ reduced operator fatigue
+ optimal operator health and safety

Intuitive operation and safety

The handle provides ideal grip and enables simple, intuitive machine operation by simply pushing or pulling. The open design of the handle prevents machine damage that can result from accidental lifting. The handle folds for easy transport.

Built-in durability

A robust and durable frame protects the plate from tough jobsites or improper use. The open design grants easy access for service and machine operation, ensuring the proper maintenance is undertaken to maximise machine life. The centrifugal clutch and wear resistant V belt are well protected by an additional cover that keeps out water and dirt.

Built-in efficiency

The hydrostatic setting enables “on-the-spot” vibration in particularly challenging areas. The machine essentially hovers – no forward or reverse movement is required – while providing maximum compaction output that enables quick results.

Built-in safety

The innovative handle improves safety by reducing HAV values below 2.5 m/sec2 while also enabling precise control. The operator simply pushes or pulls the handle to engage the machine in forward or reverse. No separate controls or steering are required.
Weights & Dimensions
Machine weight 135 kg
Max machine weight (including options) 146 kg
A Base plate length 330 mm
B Machine length 700 mm
C    with handle 1140 mm
D Machine heigth 755 mm
E Handle height (work) 1000 mm
F Handle height (transport) 1180 mm
G Machine width 380 / 500 mm
Engine Hatz 1B20
Fuel Diesel
Engine Output 4.2 HP / 3.1 kW
    at RPM 3000
Fuel consumption 0.9 l/h
Compaction Forces
Max. Vibration frequency 95 Hz
Max. Centrifugal force 25 kN
Working surface 504 m²/h
630 m²/h
Spec. Surface pressure 15.76 N/cm²
Hand-arm Vibrations < 2.5m/sec²
Speed 21 m/min
Fuel tank 3.0 l
Gradeability 35%
Max. incline to all sides 30°
Water tank 9.4 l
Paving Pad x**
Transport Wheels x
Water sprinkler system x
Hour meter x

*= toolless paving pad

**= toolless paving pad for APR 30/50 and APR 25/50

This machine is equipped with ServiceLink.


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