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The ARW 65 with a YANMAR diesel engine provides 2-in-1 capabilities that help you limit your machine investment.

A high-amplitude setting provides a walk-behind roller that performs like it was custom built for work on soils and aggregates. With the flip of a switch the operator can adjust to a low-amplitude setting and have a roller that is a perfect fit in asphalt and bituminous materials.

The ARW 65 features scrapers and a 60-litre water tank with sprinkler system to ensure the machine is ready to handle bituminous surfaces when called upon.

Electric start is a standard feature.

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  • Hydrostatic adjustable eccentric weights that are productive in soil and asphalt applications
  • Hydraulic pump for hydrostatic drive and steering; no V belt
  • Ergonomic dead man’s handle for operator safety
  • Large 60-litre water tank for compaction work on bituminous material
  • Easy access to all service points


 ARW 65 (Yanmar)
 Weights & Dimensions  Metric  US
 Operation weight CECE  712 kg  1569 lb
 Net weight standard Machine  679 kg  1496 lb
 A = Machine length  2288 mm  90,1 in
 B = Drum axle width  500 mm  19,7 in
 C = Drum diameter  400 mm  15,7 in
 D = Machine height  1110 mm  43,7 in
 E = Transport height  1835 mm  72,2 in
 F = Machine width  720 mm  28,3 in
 G = Drum width  650 mm  25,6 in
 Engine  Yanmar L100N  Yanmar L100N
 Fuel  Diesel  Diesel
 Engine Output  8,3 HP / 6,1 kW  8,3 HP / 6,1 kW
 at RPM  2600  2600
 Fuel consumption  1,2 l  0,32 gal/h
 Compaction Forces
 Max. Vibration frequency  60 Hz  3600 vpm
 Max. Centrifugal force  11/21 kN  2473 / 4721 lbf
 Linear pressure  5.5 kg/cm  31 lb/in
 Max. compaction depth (soil)  20/15 cm  7.9/5.9 in
 Max. compaction depth (sand)  30/25 cm  11.8/9.8 in
 Speed (forward)  4 km/h  2.5 mph
 Speed (backward)  2.5 km/h  1.6 mph
 Gradeability w./w.o. vibration  25 % / 45 %  25 % / 45 %
 Fuel capacity  4.7 l  1.2 gal
 Hydraulic oil capacity  20 l  5.2 gal
 Water tank capacity  60 l  15.8 gal
  • Hydrostatic adjustable eccentric weights for 2 different centrifugal forces
  • Ergonimic and low vibration handle
  • Dead man’s handle for operator safety
  • Inegrated hydraulic parking brake
  • 60 l water tank with sprinkler system
  • Scrapers on front and back drum
  • Operating hour meter
  • Protection frame in front for ARW 65

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