The as1 Control System for concrete plants offers modules that help you further customise – and further utilise – your plants.


This fully integrated module extends the basic as1 plant control system with an order management system to schedule production and create delivery notes.


  • Order processing
  • Order planning
  • Production overview
  • Delivery note management
  • Delivery note data exchange with third-party invoicing system
  • Individual delivery note layouts available



This module records and stores orders made by telephone. It includes call identification, which appears on the computer screen. Orders are graphically displayed and can be assigned by a mouse click. Conversations are stored for quality control and followup purposes, with a repeat of the order available at any time. Calls can be made with a mouse through the as1 system.


  • Recording of order-specific calls for documentation
  • Simple assignment of call to order
  • Easy replay of order-specific calls
  • Graphical display of orders assigned to a caller ID
  • Can add notes to a recorded call



With this module, the introduction of fresh and retained water may be adjusted dynamically by a mouse click, while the total water amount remains unchanged. This process ensures proper ratios.


  • Dynamic water addition adjustment



This module is paperless and efficient and reduces administration and storage costs. It includes electronic signatures for lean business processes, paperless delivery handling, elimination of delivery administration and automatic filings in PDF format.


  • Digital signing
  • Reduced paper handling



The as1 Excel AddIn module makes it easy to transfer data from the extensive as1 database for further processing through the use of Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. The basic as1 version provides extensive statistical data reports. This module allows you to create your own dashboard for further data evaluation. The data also can be downloaded and evaluated offline. The module provides several predefined data queries such as production statistics, component consumption, RAP usage and more. Such data, when assessed through Excel, can provide crucial information for decision makers.


  • Download defined data directly into your Excel database
  • Newly generated data can be seamlessly integrated at any time with the click of a mouse
  • Data contained in a single trusted source



This module supports sampling by EN13108-21/EN206. It provides freely definable sampling plans and prescription families. It also includes performance levels and provides consistent documentation and a transaction history.

The as1 IMM is the ideal tool for scheduling and monitoring plant maintenance. The module is entirely integrated into the as1 Control System. It supports tasks with fixed time schedules, or based on actual operating hours or quantities. It also enables the input of specific events as well. Plant personnel can create tasks that contain multimedia information such as videos, pictures or documents for easy instructions to the staff. Documents with order information and prices also can be created. These can be added to the individual tasks to develop a report on actual and planned maintenance costs. Notifications remind the staff when maintenance work is due.


  • List of upcoming maintenance work
  • Use of operating hours and production quantities from as1 control system
  • Planning of regular and event-based maintenance work
  • Cost tracking
  • Integration of detailed, multi-media work instructions



The as1 LASTRADAconnect module integrates quality control into your plant operations. Its features include automatic recipe transfer between the laboratory and the mixing plant and direct transfer of quality-related suggestions from the laboratory to the plant control team. Immediate analysis of production data by the laboratory technician is possible, as is integrated inspection scheduling. Automatic sampling reminders are provided as well. Samples that have been taken at the plant can be registered directly in the control software. Each sample is given an electronic code. In the laboratory the samples can be identified and matched to the corresponding production data by means of a hand-held scanner. The system’s processes eliminate mix-ups and speeds information retrieval. Laboratory and plant technicians are able to register and edit mixing recipes. All who are responsible for quality control benefit from consistent, up-to-date information. The laboratory technician can register quality-related suggestions directly in the mixing recipe. The suggestions are displayed in the plant control system before production starts.

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