The as1 PIP module provides access to key plant data at any time – and from anywhere.

Information such as today’s production quantities, the latest production details, the status of the plant and updates on key components such as the burner and mixer are uploaded to the Ammann cloud.

The data can be accessed from any location, using a browser on the desktop, tablet or smart phone. Even batch protocols are available as a PDF for download.


  • Mobile data solution
  • Plant KPIs
  • Latest production information
  • 7-day production trends
  • Operating data
  • Plant status info (e.g., bitumen tank temperature)
  • Daily trend data
  • Batch protocol PDFs
  • Upgradeable to Q Plant solution


The right load is important

The as1 Loadout module is the logical complement of the as1 production control system. The enlarged view of the loadout silos offers additional information such as time stamps of the last filling and take out, silo content (Quantity and Article) and last loaded quantity. The view comes either on the main screen, a second screen or optionally on a separate workstation for the truck loading operator.


  • Large display of the loadout silos on separate view with additional information
  • Efficient and safe loading creates cost advantages and satisfied customers
  • Increased safety thanks to integrated tare verification and overload protection of the vehicles
  • Automatic level calculation of the loadout silos


Who is next

In addition, large alphanumeric displays for signaling the loading sequence can be integrated. In combination with loadout.


  • Less communication via radio
  • Automatic display of silo and truck information
  • No traffic jam before weigh bridge
  • Optimized process flow



Automatic delivery note generation

The as1 truck weighing system can be used to create weighing orders, weigh vehicles, and create delivery notes. The delivery note data can be transferred electronically into the invoicing system by means of data transfer, which reduces the amount of administrative work considerably. The truck weighing system can be operated as a stand – alone system or it can be combined with the as1 loadout system and integrated into an as1 process control system. This enables valuable synergies to be utilised.


  • Integrated master data handling
  • Direct delivery note creation
  • Integrated delivery statistics
  • Fully integrated with as1 control system
  • Reduction of administration costs thanks to electronic data transfer into the invoicing system
  • Overload protection in combination with as1 loadout system



Your customer chooses
Depending on customer requirements, the system can be supplemented with a card-based identification system with touch panel in order to aid the operator.


  • Optimized process flow
  • Less communication via radio
  • Available with RFID cards and PIN codes
  • Self registration when arriving at plant
  • Available with ticket printer in combination with as1 weighing system



Various RAP ratios in a single recipe

Use of reclaimed asphalt protects natural resources and also offers economical advantages. The optional as1 module “dynamic RAP addition“ makes it easy to modify the RAP ratio in accordance with requirements, even during production.

Two compensation options
Quantitative compensation

The correction of virgin material is carried out in relation to the quantity and composition of the RAP material.

Qualitative compensation

The correction of virgin material is carried out in relation to the quantity and composition of the RAP material in accordance of Ring and Ball specifications (based on the formulae detailed in EN13108


  • The integrated wizard guides operator through the recipe input process
  • One recipe is sufficient for numerous RAP ratios
  • Changing the RAP ratio by using the slide controls during production


Energy efficiency made visible

The additional module EcoView shows how efficientliy your operators are running the plant. The operating data is continuously recorded and presented in condensed form to the operator.

The EcoView module informs in a simple way about the energy consumption and the according CO₂ emission values related to ton of produced mixed material. With the display compared with historical data or with explicitly defined target values, trends and actions may be recognized. EcoView sensitizes and promotes an energy optimized operation of the mixing plant and helps to discover and eliminate energy waste.


  • Intuitive operator display showing how efficient the plant runs
  • Displays key values and enables comparison to reference values and previous periods
  • Determines the emitted CO₂ values
  • Determines the resulting energy costs


Peak load management

For some energy media the energy price is based on price for work and price for capacity. For the latter, normally the measured peak is responsible for the tariff to be paid. It is in the interest of the plant operators / owners to keep the peak loads as low as possible.

The as1 peak load management effectively supports the process by continuously monitoring the peak performance, against critical values and prediction of peak tariff timing, with the intent to reduce the peak load demand at the time of day that is most costly. In addition, the certain devices can be managed by stepping or automatic (ie: Heating) to be switched on / off, based on the consumers forecast of optimal high and low points in the tariff concession.

The as1 peak load management module fits seamlessly in the as1 eco modules and is available for the energy media electricity and gas.


  • Preventing short term and expensive electrical peak loads
  • Forecast function
  • Automatic switch off for electrical consumers



Indispensable for in-depth evaluations of as1 data in Excel

Ammann offers an AddIn for Excel for comprehensive data evaluation, as an extension of the broad menue of as1 standard reports. This ingenious tool makes your Excel as1-capable. This enables the desired data to be imported into Excel where it can then be processed just as you wish.


  • The requisite data can be selected from the comprehensive as1 data pool, imported into
  • Excel and then evaluated
  • Newly generated data can be seamlessly integrated at any time with a click of the mouse
  • An effective tool for your individual evaluations in one trusted tool


Maintenance due?

The as1 IMM Module supports the staff with the planning of the required maintenance tasks of the mixing plant. The module allows various maintenance tasks to be created and structured. Supported are maintenance tasks with fixed time schedules as well as event based tasks which are automatically planned based on the operating hours or the quantities processed on the plant. Store documents like work instructions or even short video clips to each single maintenance task.


  • Planning of cyclic maintenance tasks
  • Planning of event based maintenance tasks
  • Listing of the due maintenance tasks
  • Cost registration of the maintenance tasks
  • Assignment of detailed, multimedia work instructions


Integrated Quality Control

Amid the bustle of daily work at the mixing plant, the sampling and quality control processes are rather an irksome obligation. Integrated and automatic workflows between laboratory and mixing plant will minimise the necessary efforts and increase the quality and efficiency of those processes.

The standardized Laboratory Data Exchange (LDE) interface integrates your Asphalt or Concrete mixing plant with the laboratory system.


  • Automatic recipe transfer between laboratory and mixing plant
  • Direct transfer of quality-related suggestions from laboratory to plant control
  • Analysis of production data by the laboratory technician without delay
  • Integrated inspection scheduling in accordance with EN 13108 and EN 206
  • Automatic sampling reminders from plant in combination with as1 sample planning



The factual report

The as1 Supervisor View presents the various production data, formated into one clear and well structured view, with flexibility to colour code and breakdown the recipe categories.

In a single glance it becomes immediately clear how much of which product was produced and how much recycling was used in it. In addition, any variations in product quality characteristics are immediately identified in the visual display.

A simple click on the mouse is enough to verify the details of every batch produced, making this function a must have tool for any supervisor or production manager.


  • Real-time display of the batch protocol of the on-going production
  • Overview of the mixed material quantities in the selected time range
  • Overview of the quality relevant data
  • Overview of the used recycling quantities



Immediate quality report

This module provides a production quality report that indicates the mixed product quality by indicating the deviation of each component in each batch. This graphical report can evaluate a single production or multiple productions with the same recipe. It serves as a quality assessment based on the measured values and is available for review immediately after production without waiting for the laboratory analysis.


  • Evaluation of the production protocol data
  • Graphical report per component
  • Evaluation based on user defined quality standards



Get connected

Data is required in various types and formats these days. Ammann offers a comprehensive data interface which leaves absolutely nothing to be desired.


  • For ERP, invoicing, laboratory systems, etc.
  • Open XML file format
  • Operating and production data
  • Master data synchronization (e.g. recipes, orders, products, etc.)



Automatic PDF creation

The protocols and predefined statistics are automatically converted into PDF files and are then saved and systematically ordered. They can be searched for quickly and conveniently at any time by means of the integrated WEB application and then printed or stored on external media.


  • Automatic conversion of production protocols into PDF files
  • Automatic generation of periodic statistics into PDF files
  • Ordered storage of the generated files
  • Efficient search options



Sample due?

EN-13108-21 “factory production control” provides for the monitoring of mix qualities by means of a comprehensive sampling plan. Based on the current operating compliance level, the operator is informed of a pending sampling and the required data record is created automatically. Thanks to the support by the software module, the operator is able to concentrate on his core tasks.


  • Allocation of recipes in classes
  • Display of the current operating compliance level
  • Notification of operator when sample pending
  • Automatic creation of laboratory order
  • Seamless documentation of conformity tests



The as1 Messaging module enables emails to be sent automatically from the as1 Control System. Three types of messages are possible: alarms, counter-events and PDF documents. Simply create a list of recipients and combine them in groups. The user selects which information is to be sent automatically – and to which group. For example, the plant manager will automatically receive the day report, the material manager will be sent the component usage statistics and the laboratory personnel will be emailed detailed batch protocols. Your maintenance team may want to be notified when certain operating hours have been reached so they can plan accordingly. The on-call service team may want to receive nightly alarms.


  • Automatically sends standard PDF reports by email
  • Defines recipient groups directly in the as1
  • Simply requires that the as1 is connected to the internet