EcoMode reduces fuel consumption, noise and emissions. It adjusts engine rpm to the jobsite’s requirements through a variably controlled system. The automatic adjustments maximise engine efficiency – and minimise fuel consumption and noise.

VarioSpeed is a patented drive concept that ensures optimal RPMs at all times. A computer determines the necessary RPM and makes automatic adjustments. The drops in fuel consumption are significant, with savings up to 15%.



Some Ammann Soil Compactors have no rear axle. Instead, each wheel is powered by independent drive motors.

The elimination of the axle substantially improves operator visibility and therefore safety. Further enhancing sight lines is the positioning of the engine, coolers, liquid tanks and hydraulic components in the engine compartment.

Ammann ARR Trench Rollers utilise a highly advanced, infrared remote (IR) control system to provide jobsite safety. A constant infrared signal connects the operator to the trench roller. If the signal is interrupted, the machine stops.

The IR control system ensures the roller will automatically stop if it moves more than 20 metres beyond the operator – or if it gets too close to the operator.



The Ammann APR Reversible Vibratory Plate Compactor provides plenty of compaction pop and productivity, but the true innovation behind the machine is its low hand-arm vibration (HAV) levels. A special mounting for the guide handle is key to the low HAV. The mounting isolates vibration and prevents it from reaching the operator, significantly advancing both comfort and safety.

HAV levels on the plates are below the limit of 2.5 m/sec2. To provide some perspective, that HAV level is so low that documentation of operator hours is not required – even in the most highly regulated countries.

The dead-man’s handle triggers shutoff of light compaction equipment if the operator releases grip, ensuring safety on the jobsite. The machine resumes working when the operator regains hold of the handle.