Ammann had a successful CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, held in Las Vegas, with hundreds of customers and prospects visiting the booth, and many climbing to the top of the ABA UniBatch asphalt-mixing plant.

“We had an opportunity to hear from many visitors, and that communication is essential,” said Hans-Christian Schneider, CEO of Ammann. “We discussed the challenges the industry faces and also were able to explain the solutions offered by key Ammann products.”

The Ammann ABA UniBatch was the first asphalt plant ever to be fully assembled for the construction industry trade show. The plant drew much attention, with many visitors taking the opportunity to climb stairs to the top platform of the 27-metre asphalt-mixing plant.

“The ABA UniBatch was highly visible from a literal standpoint,” Schneider said. “The plant also helps mark our entry into the North American asphalt plant market. The ABA UniBatch plant offers green benefits that were not previously available in the North American market.”

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Heavy Compaction
ASC 50 HDPD Tier 4i Single Drum Roller
ASC 70 Tier 3 Single Drum Roller
ASC 110 Tier 3 Single Drum Roller
ART 240 Tier 4f Pneumatic Roller
ARP 95 K Tier 4i Tandem Roller
ARX 90 Tier 4f ACEforce Articulated Tandem Roller
ARP 35 Tier 4i Light Tandem Rollers
ARX 16 K Tier 4i Light Tandem Rollers
ARX 26 Tier 4i Light Tandem Rollers
ARX 45 Tier 4i Light Tandem Rollers
ARR 1575 Tier 4f Trench Roller with extension kit

Light Compaction
ACR 60 Rammer
ACR 68 Rammer
APF 1033 Vibratory Plate
APF 1250 Vibratory Plate
APF 1850 Vibratory Plate
APR 3020 Reversible Vibratory Plate
APR 4920 Reversible Vibratory Plate
APH 6530 Hydrostatic Vibratory Plate
APH 110-95 Hydrostatic Vibratory Plate
ARW 65 Walk-Behind Roller

ABA 240 UniBatch Asphalt Plant
ACM 100 Prime Asphalt Plant

as1 Control System
as1 Control System