ABP 240 – 320 – 400 HRT

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The ABP 240 – 320 – 400 HRT (High Recycling Technology) plant maximises the use of recycled asphalt and is even capable of using discarded consumables such as printer cartridge toner and tyres.

The compact plant is ideal for production volumes with large proportions of recycled asphalt. It provides the same benefits as its Universal counterpart, but includes nuances that make it the ultimate recyclable plant.

An integrated parallel drum system is positioned directly above the mixer and optimises material flow while minimising wear inside the recycling system.

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  • Output of 240 t/h to 400 t/h
  • Highly flexible mix maker
  • Flexible and economical solution with ability to use a high percentage of RA
  • Fully integrated RA drum to optimise material flow and wear protection
  • Ability to introduce additives such as foamed bitumen, pigments and even consumer recyclables
  • Wide range of equipment and components enables customisation
  • Infrastructure including cold feeders, drying drum and filter are enclosed and resemble a commercial building
  • Reduced sound and dust levels
Capacity 240 – 320 – 400 t/h
Mixer size 4 – 6 t
Hot aggregate silo 65 t – 300 t
Hot mix storage silo 200 t – 1000 t
Control system as1
Recycling System RAC30 / RAC40 / RAH 60 / RAH 100