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ModiTEK is a fully automatic, easily transportable polymer modified bitumen plant. It is often utilised by contractors who require especially durable mixes for highways, bridges, airports, viaducts and dense-traffic roads.

With a capacity up to 30 tons per hour, ModiTEK is more than productive enough to provide adequate supplies. The container-size plant is compact and easily transported and offers flexible mix designs and recipes

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  • High shear mill with gap adjustment
  • Fully automated controls and reporting by SCADA based software over PLC
  • Remote customer service via internet
  • Polymer feeding with screw conveyor or silo
High shear mill – 1500 rpm. Soft starter controlled
Heated tanks on load cell weighing systems
Graphite based soft seals for mill with water cooling system
Inverter controlled mill feeding pump with 50 m³/h capacity
Pneumatic valves in all piping
Gathering conveyor belt and drive
7 m³ batch tank capacity with 60mm rock-wool insulation, heating lines and dual agitators
Touch screen monitor for full automatic operation
Statistical data reporting and archiving
  • Electrical or thermal oil heating
  • Screw conveyors on load cells
  • 10 m³ big bag polymer silo with screw conveyors on load cells
  • Separate control cabin
  • as1 computer integration